Installation Positioning

Andrews Survey has a wealth of experience supporting structure installation projects

For over 4 decades, our transferable knowledge gained with oil and gas construction has proven valuable to our offshore renewables and telecommunications customers.

We provide multiple installation projects including surface and subsea assets for oil and gas, renewables and telecommunications.

Our installation services include:

  • Structure installations
  • Rigid pipe lay support
  • Flexible lay support

Andrews Survey has a strong track record supporting structure installations that require monitoring packages including gyro, deflection, positioning and inclination systems. Our approved job specific survey procedures provide clear step by step task plans that ensures each structure is installed in the correct position, heading and inclination every time.

We also support 2D/3D land survey or photogrammetry dimensional requirements for structure installations.

Bespoke non-contact laser package

For offshore wind farm monopile and transition piece installations Andrews Survey provides a bespoke non-contact laser package.

Designed following feedback received from various customers this package provides the onboard installation manager with real-time survey data straight to a portable ruggedised tablet.

Being real-time and removing the need for contact measurements this system saves cost, refines accuracy and improves safety.

Innovative technological solutions

Our success is due to our people and the ability to provide innovative technological solutions.

We were recently challenged with looking into options to save vessel time during rigid pipelay operations. Our solution, now fully implemented, removed the need for a pipelay support vessel resulting in a very happy customer.

In addition to rigid lay support we also provide flexible and umbilical installation support globally to the oil and gas, renewables and telecommunications sectors. We can assist during the cable design phase and onshore length measurement with marking checks prior to load-out.