Inspection Support

Strong international track record providing inspection support.

During the last four decades Andrews Survey has developed considerable experience providing survey data acquisition, processing and reporting services to leading ROV contractors through their annual pipeline and structural campaigns.

Andrews Survey is an independent provider of survey and positioning and so do not compete with customers who target inspection work.

We are well versed with working alongside and supporting a customers inspection department. By working together throughout the life cycle of a project we ensure that every detail is discussed, planned and executed.

During vessel mobilisations our engineers can support the installation of inspection spreads and provide the interface to survey systems.

Fully integrated deliverables

Our software packages are carefully selected to provide fully integrated deliverables, including synchronised processed data, events and digital video.

We offer a full digital video package that includes recording, distribution, storage, archive and review. Our recorders are standard definition H.264 but HD capable.

Robust storage facilities

At Andrews Survey we understand the importance of the inspection data we acquire, deliver and store. Our well managed and robust storage facilities ensure all data is safe and accessible. This process allows for fast delivery of stored data for future inspection campaigns.

As well as archiving data locally we also send all inspection data to a secure offsite professional storage facility.