Subsea Positioning

Providing highly experienced survey personnel, equipment and software

Over the years Andrews Survey has built an enviable track record delivering exceptional survey services and are proud and passionate about the service delivered to our global customers.

Our subsea positioning services include:

  • USBL, LBL & INS positioning
  • ROV positioning
  • Diver positioning

There are various subsea positioning techniques and technologies available for shallow water, deep water and where large offsets are present. At Andrews Survey we can provide expert advice on the correct type of equipment for your project.

Our offshore survey personnel regularly attend external training on market leading subsea positioning systems including USBL, LBL and INS to ensure we are familiar with available technology.

Bespoke Fabrication

We have an in house machine workshop where we can fabricate bespoke supports and bracketry for survey sensors such as over-the-side USBL or MBES poles for shallow water vessels or mounting brackets for ROV sensors. We also have a plethora of inhouse 3D printers for smaller bracketry and models for project planning and fitment.

As we are an independent supplier of survey and positioning, we have a strong track record working with and interfacing to many different types of ROV on the market.

Our inhouse created cable management software allows us to plan and identify the types of cable and end fittings required for each ROV survey sensor. This quality control measure ensures an efficient ROV interface during mobilisation.


Proactive approach

Our staff are well trained and experienced in providing survey support to dive teams on Dive vessels. At Andrews Survey we know how important it is for our offshore personnel to be part of the team onboard, be proactive and ready to assist when required.

Our proven generic dive support procedure is used to set the standard for all our dive support projects.