Burial Support

Extensive experience supporting global trenching operations

Our success in burial support is due to our ability to provide innovative technological solutions, highly skilled offshore personnel and an experienced onshore management team.

Our burial support services include:

  • Trenching support
  • Ploughing support
  • Backfill support
  • Simultaneous cable lay and burial

Our track record includes supporting customers with survey expertise during trenching, ploughing, back-fill and simultaneous lay and burial operations. This includes pre, post and remedial surveys of the routes to assess trench depth and burial status.

Provide burial data fast

Through experience we know how important it is to deliver burial data quickly to our customers and provide them with time to make important decisions on remedial work.

Our services include the acquisition and processing of Out Of Straightness (OOS) data, both contact and non-contact. We have such a wealth of knowledge on OOS that we provide a consultancy service or lunch and learn sessions on the topic.

Bespoke trenching software

One of the many things to consider when designing a cable route, is whether a trencher can safely travel along the design route. If this is not taken into consideration, the trencher could get stuck or tip over, wasting time and potentially harming expensive equipment. Working with our software provider we recently delivered a trenching assessment and planning software tool. Valuable project time can be saved with the use of this software to assess trenching routes.